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We're the absolute best value in Router Bits. Period.

is a division of Woodshop Supplies woodworking supply company. Here at Precisionbits.com we manufacture and import top of the line, quality router bits to serve the woodworking industry. Our products are sold directly to the end-user. Distributor accounts are welcome.

We have researched and compared many different router bits before manufacturing ours to meet the highest woodworking industry standards. Our router bits are built to create smooth, detailed, professional cuts, for use on more complex as well as simpler projects. The quality and design of our bits compare to "high end - high priced" bits on the market, and are crafted with the durability and precision required for industrial use.

Our router bits will satisfy the professional and hobbyist alike, at a fraction of the cost of "name brand" bits. The combination of our quality and price makes our bits the best value that money can buy. (For more about the quality of our bits, see "About our Router Bits" )

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Customer satisfaction is very important to us . We communicate, we respond and we're committed to the quality customer care you deserve! Please email us with any questions, concerns and opinions that you may have.


When purchasing bulk merchandise, wholesalers can get better deals on our already great buys. For bulk orders and questions about becoming a distributor, please contact us.