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About our Bits

Blade Features

Premium C3 Carbide Cutters

The blades on all Yonico Router Bits (except where stated otherwise) are manufactured from C3 micro grain tungsten carbide. C3 carbide is the highest grade carbide used in router bit manufacturing.

Mirror-Like Finished Cutters

The cutters are carefully ground to a smooth 600 grit mirror-like finish.

High Hook and Shear Angles

Yonico Router Bits feature high hook and shear angles allowing cutters to slice smoothly into stock resulting in clean, splinter and burn free cuts.

Body Features

Solid Steel Body

The bodies on all Yonico bits are manufactured from a single piece of solid hardened steel.

Full Body, Anti-Kickback Design

All Yonico router bits are manufactured with full bodies, drastically reducing the occurrences of kickback.

Precision Balanced

The bodies on all Yonico Router Bits are shaped using a computer controlled CNC machine. The result is a perfectly balanced bit (+/- .003" tolerance) which will operate without any vibration at speeds of up to 25,000 RPM.

Heat Resistant Coating

A baked on heat resistant coating is applied to the router bit’s body to help prevents sawdust, resin and pitch buildup.

Enclosed and Lubricated Bearings

High quality fully enclosed and lubricated bearings are used (when applicable) to ensure smooth operation.