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Ogee 2 Bit Entry Door Rail and Stile Router Bit Set - 1/2" Shank - Yonico 12265

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Cut beautiful entry doors with ogee detail with the Yonico 12265 adjustable entry door Router bit set. These bits feature an ogee profile with a 9/32" radius and 1/2" cutting depth. The blades are manufactured from C3 micro grain carbide and the shanks are 1/2".
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Build thick doors for entries and interior openings with entry door rail-and-stile router bits. They work just like cabinet door rail-and-stile bits, but are capable of machining the thicker stock used in large doors. A complete set of rail-and-stile bits includes a coping bit for the ends of the rails and mullions, a profile bit for the inside edges and groove, plus a panel raising bit.