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2 Bit Rabbet Miter Joinery Router Bit Set - 1/2" Shank - Yonico 15233

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Short description:
Cut rabbeted miters with the Yonico 15233 2 bit rabbet miter router bit set. This set will cut 45 degree miter joints with rabbets in stock between 7/16" & 25/32" for easy alignment and glue surface area. Lining up miter joints can sometimes be challenging and when working with MDF or plywood, lock miter bits are not an option. This set allows you to easily align and glue mitered joints using all types of wood with simple setup instructions and effortless assembly. Two flute carbide cutters & 1/2" shanks. Set comes in a solid wood storage case.
In stock
Wood joinery comes in many forms from simple butt and lap joints to more intricate interlocking joints that sometime can only be achieved with a router bit designed specifically for the task. These sets comes with various popular joint profiles to be used in all types of joinery applications.