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1/4" Hex Bolt T Slot Router Bit - 1/4" Shank - Yonico 14194q

List price: $17.95
Short description:
This t-slot Router bit cuts slots for standard 1/4" bolts that have a 1/2" wide x 3/16" high heads with up to 1/4" shaft diameter. The shank is 1/4" in diameter.
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T-slot router bits are great for creating T-channels for jig and clamp applications and keyholes for hanging projects. It is recommended that a straight groove, matching width to the upper part of the "T", be cut into the workpiece prior to routing the T-slot to reduce the stress on the bit. T-slot cuts produce a lot of wood chips with little room for them to escape and can cause the bit to get bogged down. Go easy on the feed and back off every couple of inches before resuming with the cut.