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1/4" Dia. 1 Flute Compression Cut Spiral End Mill CNC Router Bit - 1/4" Shank - Yonico 33113-SC

List price: $34.95
Short description:
Best for achieving a smooth finish on laminate or veneer finish applications.• Cutting Diameter: 1/4" • Cutting Height: 1" • Shank Diameter: 1/4" • Overall Length: 2-1/2" • Flutes: 1 - Compression bits cut down from the top of the stock and up from the bottom of the stock simultaneously. The bit's unique and complex geometry forces the trimmed material to be compressed toward the center of the stock leaving behind a smooth & sharp finish free of chips on both the top and bottom edges. This bit can also be used for mortising projects that require a smooth bottom surface without sacrificing the mortised edge finish.
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When working with any veneer finished material in your CNC machine, you need a compression spiral end mill to make full depth cut. These bits are designed to leave clean edges on the top and bottom faces of any material. The compression bit's unique design pulls chips upward at the bottom of the stock and downward at the top face, producing chip-free surfaces that are perfect for cabinet and furniture parts. Compression cut spiral end mills are excellent for melamine, plywood, MDF and solid wood.

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