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1/2" Height X 5/16" Depth Rabbet Router Bit - 1/4" Shank - Yonico 14702q

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Use this bit to cut 1/2" high x 5/16" deep rabbets. The Yonico 14702q Rabbeting Router Bit features 3 carbide cutters and 1/4" shank.
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Rabbet or rebate is a slot or square that is cut into the corner of a plank or board. Rabbets are useful for glazing where a pane of glass can be recessed into a wooden frame. This bit is also useful for cabinet making where the frame of the unit is rabbeted making room for the side and back panels. Shiplap planking is also created using opposing rabbets fitted together. Luthiers can find rabbet bits particularly useful for installing binding on acoustic guitar bodies and along the edge of the guitar neck. Rabbet router bits most often come equipped with removable bearings allowing you to swap the bearing for the size necessary for your project. Rabbets are easy to make and can be cut with either a table mount or handheld router. They can be adjusted both height and depth wise accommodating virtually any stock size within the min and max limits of the bit. Rabbet router bits can come in small, medium and large form factors for a large variety of applications.