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Find a full line of Yonico Jointing router bits at for all of your joinery needs. Made with C3 carbide cutters and precision ground, our professional joint router bits will enable you to assemble any woodworking project with ease and perfection. We carry an extensive collection of glue joint router bits for various types of joinery projects. Browse through our lock miter router bits, dovetail router bits, box joint, finger joint, drawer front and multi sided glue joint router bits. Shop our selection of Yonico tongue and groove router bits for various tongue and groove applications. Our Standard Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set is most popular for its use on ¾” stock projects. Our large cutter tongue and groove router bit set is most suitable for thick stock tongue and groove joints, of up to 1-1/4” Thickness. Our Flooring Tongue and Groove - V-Notch Router Bit Set is perfect for flooring and wainscot paneling. For edge banding plywood or MDF shelving, see our Standard and/or V-Design Edge Banding Tongue and Groove Router Bit Sets. Whether woodworking as a hobby or for your business, Yonico professional joint making router bits will impress and perform to your highest expectations. Yonico router bits are under a limited lifetime warranty.